Our Process

We offer tailor-made digital marketing solutions to each of our clients, which we arrive at by taking a well-defined strategic approach. We help you execute it so your business can gain firm grounds within the online marketplace.

Business Review

Business ReviewBUSINESS REVIEWUnderstanding your business and its core aspects

To begin with, we would like to understand your business, its products and services. Over the course of identifying the USP of your business, in-depth research is carried out by us so that we’re in a better position to guide your business within the virtual marketplace. Consolidation of knowledge from all sources helps us to launch online marketing campaigns effectively.


Our focus is on your customers as well as on you. We work around your customers’ needs in every possible way and through every available platform. With a plethora of competitors to deal with online, we work our way through social media, quality content and an intuitive interface to ensure conversions lead to profit.



DIGITAL STRATEGYDIGITAL STRATEGYDefining your online presence and asserting your place online

Your place in the online market space has to be well-defined. The investment made in digital marketing will help to establish your online presence and reputation. This will enable us to implement the right digital marketing strategy which is on par with your business targets, keeping in mind the availability of resources that are in place.

CONTENTCONTENTHarness the power of the written word

Never doubt it: content is king. It has the power to entice new and existing audiences and enhance your SERPs too. With a commitment to help you deliver quality content for enhancing your web traffic and conversion, we will help you to effectively market it for a wider outreach.

Online content extends beyond web pages filled with text through the inclusion of visual, aural and video formats as well. It is essential to use a mix of different content formats in order to keep things fresh and interesting for regular website visitors, remembering that suitable content as part of a well-implemented marketing strategy leads to better SERPs and visibility amongst potential clients.



CHANNEL SELECTIONCHANNEL SELECTIONEnsure you’re highly visible at all times

We provide you with vital information about your customers’ whereabouts and how you can ensure your visibility around them. With numerous channels as options, identifying the most suitable ones and concentrating on them will help you to stay more in the limelight of the customers. Today you can reach out to customers through apps and mobile websites if required.

An overview of your business from every possible angle enriches our knowledge to a greater extent. With the goal of expanding your business horizons online, CK Net is committed to enhancing your prospects by customising your digital marketing strategy. It is essential to reach out to customers virtually through social network channels such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin – to be present wherever they are enhances your overall visibility and presence.

SPECIFICATIONSPECIFICATIONConcise and clear for a lasting impression

Consider your website to be the showcase of your products and services to the outer world. You want it to look good, so it’s imperative to display and offer your products and services to potential customers by ensuring you provide the best user experience when they arrive and navigate through the site. It’s crucial, then, that the design, layout, wireframe and other aspects of the way the site looks fully satisfy customers on your site. Overall, your website has to enhance the appeal and the saleability factor of your brand at all times.



GOALS AND ACCOUNTABILITYGOALS AND ACCOUNTABILITYModulate not only to fit but to accelerate

The online marketplace is growing quickly while still being relatively new, making advertising and marketing online difficult as different aspects change and become obsolete or more important than they previously were. Therefore, we promise to monitor and review on a regular basis and improvise and innovate at all time so that we accelerate our brand presence in every possible way. Each digital strategy offers new learning avenues and chances to make positive changes.

With a strong commitment to excel in whatever we do, CK Net quickly adapts to the dynamics of the market by modifying the campaign to meet and exceed its deliverables at all times.

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