Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a fully performance-based search marketing initiative that offers commission or payment as per clicks converted, cost per thousand banner ad impressions, CPM and so on. Thus, affiliate marketing can be customised with regard to the merchant/brand’s promotional initiatives and spend capacity.

The affiliate marketing chain comprises of four entities: the affiliate network; merchants/brands; publishers and customers. The sales have to be initiated by the affiliate through the affiliate network.

The entire affiliate marketing chain requires creative ads to be created, performance tracking and payment of commission. This entire initiative can be pre-decided upon and planned so as to deliver ROIs as high as possible.

CK Net, an accomplished paid search agency, has gained expertise over the changing dynamics of affiliate marketing in the UK and rest of Europe, having successfully completed many affiliate marketing campaigns for British giants such as British Gas, BT, Jessops, nPower, Sky, Scottish Power and many others.

CK Net offers to set up an affiliate marketing account by

  • Planning and strategising a unique affiliate marketing strategy customised for your business.
  • Setting up of affiliates which are suitable for your business.
  • Monitoring and tracking affiliates and their performance, and assisting them to perform better.
Affiliate marketing

CK Net also offers a range of affiliate services such as CPC, CPA and CPL which can be combined with each other to enjoy better conversions and value for money on investments made. Armed with Affilibid technology, an in-house tool which helps to plan and manage the affiliate marketing campaigns to deliver maximum returns, you can trust CK Net to set up new and better sales records through its well planned affiliate marketing campaigns.

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