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Display Advertising

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Display Advertising is considered one of the key tools regularly employed to influence customers into making a purchasing decision. Display advertising means the display of ads – logos, animated images and product images along with the relevant web content, ensuring a greater level of impact of these ads on the viewer.

Display Advertising is implemented after in-depth study and strategic planning – targeted customers can view these ads as they have previously shown interest in relevant products or services. The other factors which influence display advertising strategies include brand awareness, online behaviour, age group and purchasing power of the targeted customer group.

Within the purview of display advertising, comes banner advertising. Banner advertising with its predefined standard banner ad sizes which contain an image or a multimedia object through the use of Flash are displayed across websites. These banner ads have to extremely creative, enough to grab eyeballs encouraging the viewers to evince an interest in them by initiating a click on the inbuilt hypertext link. The clicks received by a banner ad are major indicator of its performance apart from page views, page clicks and cost per sale figures.

The entire procedure of approaching websites for displaying banner ads can be done at a personal level or integrated within a digital marketing campaign. The presence of banner ad networks as well as banner advertising exchanges which work effectively towards promoting banner ads across relevant websites extensively can be relied upon for optimal performance.

Display Advertising is carried out across special platforms for a greater level of coverage and ROI. CK Net offers excellent display advertising services across global Demand Side Platforms (DSP) & Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms.

CK Net offers quality display advertising management services which extend to include:

  • Research and Strategy – In-depth research is carried out to understand consumer behaviour, brand awareness and outreach levels before strategising the display campaign.
  • Campaigns Creation and Optimisation – With the research analytics to refer to the campaigns planned, the creatives are then designed and the display budgets are finalised along with other key parameters.
  • Media Management – The extent of display ads across various media channels and its effective management is looked into.
  • Performance Optimisation – Once the campaign is launched, measures are undertaken if necessary to improve the entire performance and ensure a greater ROI.
  • Digital Display Reporting – CK Net offers extensive reports of display campaigns which can be referred to improvise the campaigns and take them to the next level.

Why CK Net?

As an accomplished digital marketing agency, CK Net offers excellent display advertising services across global Demand Side Platforms (DSP) & Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms. CK Net enjoys strong links with all networks and ensures a better reach to available inventories, including Google Inventory, Right Media from Yahoo, Facebook Ad Exchange and many others.

If performed in a cohesive manner along with paid search, SEO and affiliate marketing, display marketing can effectively engage customers, extend a business’s outreach and enhance brand awareness to a much higher level.

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