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The arrival of PPC marketing through search engine networks has made it extremely convenient to promote sales online as well monitor them in a much more comprehensive manner. Though seemingly easy and simple, managing PPC campaigns requires a great deal of insight and attention as the account will need to be monitored and modified frequently.

The finer nuances of PPC campaigns are very essential for accomplishing successful marketing campaigns. CK Net has on board team of experienced and qualified professionals who have successfully handled niche accounts and exceeded ROIs as well. With the Internet being increasingly accessed through smartphones and other mobile devices, advertising has moved to the next level as well. CK Net offers Pay Per Click campaigns and strategies using the following available platforms:


CK Net PPC services are designed to offer viable marketing solutions to your online business. We are an Adwords qualified professional company which has successfully handled many high performance pay per click (PPC) campaigns with greater ROI. We offer following PPC benefits for your business:

Pay Per Click

We are experts in optimizing and improving existing campaigns and our goal is always to provide the maximum conversions, at the best possible price. In fact, we have been credited with accelerating the performance of the existing accounts to the next level.

CK Net PPC services include well defined and tested strategies which deliver bang on results. You can expect a varied range of PPC services such as –

Account Setup (PPC)
Extremely easy and quick to set up a Google AdWords account and advertise your business online through Google. Bid upon your ads and they will be displayed when related to your business are queried for.
Insightful Market and Keyword Research
We help you to gain meaningful insights into your market and its potentialities. At the same time with keyword research exercise helps you to locate relevant and popular keywords for effective campaigning
Campaign and ad group setup
We help you to set up you PPC campaign and AD group setup so that you stay better organized and in control of your search campaign. Not only monitoring becomes easy but managing multiple ad groups becomes even more convenient.
Budget management
Considered as one of the crucial parameters of a successful PPC campaign and higher ROIs, budget management helps in use of relevant keyword traffic and clickable ads to be displayed
Targeting Options
We help you set your target locations and display ads across them ranging from select locations across countries, within a country or within a select radius. With the right targets in place, your ads are surely going to be visible to the most potential customers for higher ROIs
Relevant Landing Pages
We help you choose relevant landing pages which enhance conversion for customers who wish to arrive at your website after clicking on your ad. Make sure you display the right image and information for conversions.
Optimized Ad Texts
For better performance of ad campaigns, it is essential to place optimized ads which help you target effectively and better bid management.
A/B Testing
We help you to conduct A/B Testing for choosing the most profitable group amongst the two ad groups. Here you can check out which bid is more prospective from the conversion point of view. Low bids and higher conversions is the main goal of PPC campaigns.
Conversion Tracking
With conversion tracking in place, you can understand whether your ads are converting well and reaching up to your targets and their performance. With conversion tracking reports offered at regular intervals, your PPC Campaign is surely going to perform well.
Highly Targeted Campaign
We offer a highly targeted campaign which helps in targeting right audience through the right channels across devices, locations, contextual searches and much more. It is essential to plan and strategize a well targeted campaign for deliverance
Weekly Reporting
We offer PPC reports on a weekly basis which provide meaningful insights on how the campaigns can be modulated for better deliverance.
Communication & Transparency
We believe in building up a great customer rapport by discussing and communicating on regular basis though emails and over phone too. We work in conjunction with you to enhance the performance of the PPC campaign.

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