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CK Net’s team is predominantly made up of expert digital marketing professionals who understand the key nuances of client requirements. Offering a mix of digital marketing plans that can be implemented, your business can explore and expand across the widening horizons of the digital market space.

Performance-based digital agency plans are most suitable for small and medium business, especially startups which operate on limited advertising budgets, because they’ll only need to pay for good results. As a performance-based agency, CK Net undertakes the risk of ensuring that the ads are well targeted as per budget limitations, customer preferences and other parameters. With specific targeting confirmed, monitoring the advertising spend becomes even more accurate and effective.

Performance-based advertising through CK Net involves offering the right product to the right customers at the right time. The business can decide upon the price of the product and the channels across which the business should promote the product for maximum ROI. With various permutations and combinations available to enhance your market outreach, reaching out to the most suitable one is crucial.

With total commitment to every client, CK Net shares the risk as well as the accountability of each and every marketing strategy it puts forth on behalf of the client. The benefits of these strategies are enjoyed by the client while they have the freedom to choose from an extensive array of digital marketing services on offer.

CK Net offers an extensive set of performance-based agency services which involve shared risks and rewards. We customise digital marketing plans as per the client’s requirements and help the client to achieve successful results. CK Net offers flexible and accountable agency services, where the client can decide upon the most cost-effective strategies to implement for a greater ROI.

CK Net offers an extensive array of agency services on a pay for performance basis –

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