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Remarketing helps you to reach out potential visitors through your online advertising campaign in order to increase the chances of them converting. CK Net undertakes well-planned remarketing services across Google’s Display Network and various other RTB platforms.

Remarketing involves the display of ads on third party websites that are being visited by your customers. It can be effectively run along with the current PPC campaign for enhancing conversions.

Remarketing does play a vital role in assisting new customers in making a decision, one way or the other, towards your product or service. Remarketing can be effectively used on existing customers – all you need to do is reiterate the value of your product or service to them. With minimal personal interaction needed, remarketing works well in helping your visitor convert.

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Advantages of Remarketing –

  • Comprehensive Remarketing – Targeting all customers that are likely to reinvest in what you’re offering them.
  • Choice of Display Networks – Apart from Google Display Network, you can choose various other networks such as AdRoll, AdBrite Exchange,, and The Microsoft Media Network to promote your ads with more satisfying results.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement – Retargeting helps a customer relate to your products or services and makes it more likely that they’ll end up buying them, especially when they are at that considering stage.

CK Net, a dedicated performance based search agency which has delivered exceptional conversions to each of its clients, has a great deal of experience in various search marketing techniques including remarketing. Customers can enjoy better conversions and better sales because CK Net can offer them a highly customised remarketing solution along with the existing PPC campaigns

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