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Search Engine Optimisation

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If you are trying to enhance your online presence then you’ll need to make it search engine friendly – fortunately, you are at the right place. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making your website more visible in the organic search results. SEO works by making sure your website is contextually relevant to the search phrases users search for that relate directly to your business.

Managing a business and understanding the technical parameters of search engines are two diverse channels, and concentrating on both of them requires time and patience along with an in-depth knowledge of search engine work patterns and styles.

Also, we ensure relevant content is available on your website with regards to the search terms and we look out for new opportunities to encourage quality inbound links along with valuable traffic to your site.

As a search optimisation agency, CK Net offers marketing strategies which enhance SERPs and encourages quality inbound traffic for higher ROIs, always using white hat SEO practices.

CK Net SEO strategies offer:

  • Higher Page Rankings on Search Engines
  • Target Potential Traffic
  • Intuitive Site Interface
  • Higher ROI
  • Long Term Results
Search Engine Optimisation

We work in a number of different ways to help with our clients’ search engine optimisation requirements, from setting up a new SEO-friendly website or upgrading it for better visibility.

As a digital marketing agency, CK Net offers a plethora of SEO services which range from on-page as well as off-page optimisation ranging from site audits and optimisation to keyword research, performance analysis, website promotion and content marketing. CK Net SEO services involve:

On Page Optimisation

A Full Website Audit
We conduct a website audit in order to locate SEO shortcomings which could hamper your online reputation and even affect the rate of conversion. The audit observations could act as pointers on how to improve your website for better SERPs and traffic.
Keyword Research
We conduct keyword research upon a set of relevant keywords which will help you understand the market’s dynamics (keeping in mind your business perspective) and encourage relevant traffic to your website.
Content Audit
Evaluating your content from varied angles such as user needs, SEO, quality and more gives valuable insights into your website’s current performance with regard to your business goals and objectives. We can conduct a content audit with an aim to improve your website for a better all-round performance.
Page & Site Structure
For an efficient crawl procedure by search engines, page and site structure have to be analysed in great detail as they are the ones referred to by search engines when they crawl across your site for indexing purposes.
Site Performance
Our site performance report will offer vital data relating to its availability, number of visitors (repeated as well as unique), page views and more which assists in improving the website performance.

Off Page Optimisation:

Website Promotion & Partnerships
It is vital to utilise web partnerships so you can take maximum advantage of the content and traffic of the partnering site.
Content Promotion
We offer a well planned content promotion strategy which involves paid search and social media. The promotion of content through various channels is the most preferred and relied upon way to get your message and ethos out to customers.
Social Media Promotion
With the marketplace and consumers available online, you need to devise a proper social media strategy to reach out to them. Interaction through social media is the most preferred customer-centric approach these days.

By opting for SEO services, your website will be analysed and modified to make it more search- and customer-friendly. With more traffic coming on to your site, the chances of conversion and leads increase, which means that your overall business should do the same.

CK Net enjoys an enviable presence in digital market scene in the UK and rest of Europe with several highly successful SEM campaigns to its name. With due credit to its team of young, enthusiastic and talented professionals, CK Net manage each of its client’s campaigns with dedication and a great deal of interaction and support.

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We offer the free SEO Report which will include overview of key areas for your website from the SEO point of view.

The free SEO Analysis is intended to offer a clear picture of your site’s current optimisation level and its SEO ranking. We will offer you detailed SEO proposal if you are impressed with our analysis.

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