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Social Media Marketing

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Social media is a key buzzword (well, two buzzwords) in today’s online marketing sector. With most businesses vying to gain traffic or attention through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, YouTube and others, it is essential to incorporate social media marketing into any marketing strategy.

CK Net, a leading search marketing agency, offers social media marketing services to its customers for an engaging experience across various social network platforms. CK Net strategises creative marketing campaigns which are on-par with SEO parameters, helping you to enhance your brand awareness while strengthening your customer relationships.

Each SMM campaign undertaken by CK Net is done with

  • Proper in-depth planning.
  • Well-formulated strategies for various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Regular monitoring of campaigns by evaluating monthly updates, fan seeding, videos, blogs, forums and other parameters.
  • Identification of real traffic, conversions and brand reputation fluctuations through social media.

Taking advantage of the interactivity of social network sites, businesses can view, listen and respond to their customers and use sites to build links online, very much making the entire initiative an SEO-friendly venture.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Generate awareness of your brand within the growing presence of online markets which are enjoying increasing traffic through social media – you can cultivate new customer relationships too.
  • Extend your outreach to a larger audience through social media by effectively engaging with customers and improving your standing when it comes to meeting their needs.
  • Prerequisite for SEO as search engines look out and analyse your social media performance while considering your SERPS. The more active your social media account, the more chance there is that your website is going to enjoy better SERPS.
  • With most social network sites offering free memberships, SMM is considered to be a dynamic and most affordable activity. You just need to manage and run your social media activities for (as an example) hosting competitions and running similar promotional activities in a professional manner.

CK Net adopts Social Media Marketing strategies in conjunction with paid search campaigns and SEO practices to achieve the desired objectives while enhancing your web presence in the manner you would like your business to be portrayed.

Check out the extent of your social media presence now! Whether you are already active on social media or wish to get your social media activity started, you can request a Free Engagement Report along with expert SMM tips on how to enhance your social media reach.

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